Florida Board of Medicine Moves to Ban

Talhasi – Amid protest from the LGBTQ community and stinging criticism from a group of doctors and healthcare professionals, Florida Board of Medicine On Friday, it introduced a plan that would prevent doctors from offering treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy to transgender people under the age of 18. Friday’s decision came after … Read more

Louisiana abortion providers file appeal, hope to prevent ban | Health, medicine and fitness

By SARA CLINE – Associated Press Baton Rouge (Associated Press) – Abortion rights advocates hope a near-total ban in Louisiana will soon ban the procedure again, after prosecutors in an ongoing lawsuit filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court Thursday. Abortion access in Louisiana has been back and forth for weeks, as the state’s … Read more

Home electronic home service holdings are limited to the supply of TCM herbs for potential monkeypox treatment programs

FUZHOU, CHINA, AUGUST 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EJH) (“the Company” or “E-Home”), an integrated home service provider in China, today announced that it has begun providing herbal Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for interim studies into the feasible treatment applications of traditional Chinese medicine for monkeypox launched last month. … Read more