Machine learning reveals hidden components of X-ray pulses

The X-ray pulse (white line) is constructed from ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’ components (red and blue dashes) that define the quantum effects. The neural network analyzes the low-resolution measurements (black shadow) to detect the high-resolution pulse and its components. Credit: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Ultrafast pulses of X-ray lasers reveal how atoms are moving on femtosecond … Read more

No dark matter halos

Image: dwarf galaxy NGC1427A flies through the Fornax Cluster of galaxies and undergoes turbulence that would not have been possible if this galaxy were surrounded by a heavy, stretching dark matter halo, as required by standard cosmology. Opinion more Credit: ESO Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies that can usually be found in galaxy clusters … Read more

Bringing a new twist to the football vortex

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Only a few researchers have studied why American football flies such a unique trajectory, navigating through the air with remarkable precision, but also swerving, swaying, and even drooping as it heads down. Now, ballistics experts at Stevens Institute of Technology have, for the first time, applied their understanding of artillery shells … Read more

As reflecting satellites fill the sky, students make sure astronomers can adapt

Grace Halferty, who graduated this summer with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering and lead author of the research paper, with researchers made to measure the brightness and position of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. Credit: Kyle Mitan/University of Arizona As satellites crawl across the sky, they reflect light from the sun back to Earth, … Read more