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As the August days approach, NBA executives and many free agents are waiting for the popular commercial domino game to fall with it. Kevin DurantAnd the Keri IrvingAnd the Donovan Mitchell, And the Russell Westbrook as potential candidates to be transferred.

Many prominent names remain in the free agent market, including Colin SextonAnd the montrezel harrelAnd the Dennis SchroederAnd the Carmelo AnthonyAnd the LaMarcus AldridgeAnd the Jordan NouraAnd the Cousins ​​of DeMarcusAnd the Isaiah ThomasAnd the Blake GriffinAnd the Tristan ThompsonAnd the Lou Williamsfor each of us HoopsHype Free Proxy Ratings.

While these free agents await massive trading to unlock potential listing sites, here’s the latest report from HoopsHype intel on trade talks between the Knicks and Jazz for Mitchell, Westbrook’s future with the Lakers, Turner’s future with Pacers, and several updates on the Houston Rockets.

Donovan Mitchell

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According to several NBA executives who spoke to Jazz about trading for Donovan MitchellUtah seeks as many draft picks as possible and does not prioritize winning players now. Utah is looking to get more distances for Mitchell than Rudy Gobert The trade with four first-round picks and 2022 first-class picks Walker Kessler From Minnesota, league sources told HoopsHype. There is a belief that it will take five or even six first-round draft picks to get to Mitchell.

Should Mitchell trade, rival NBA executives believe a fire sale will occur immediately in Utah, signaling the start of a long-term rebuilding. Watching high caliber playoff teams Bojan Bogdanovic And the Patrick BeverlyLeague sources told HoopsHype, with both players entering contractual seasons.

Mike Conley he deserves 47 million dollars over the next two seasons, making him a more difficult commercial candidate in the near future.

The New York Knicks have the draft pick compensation necessary to get Mitchell, including a maximum of eight first-round picks over the next seven years that they can include. However, New York has been reluctant to let go of the treasure chest of enlistment choices thus far, with trade talks stalled over the past few weeks. Utah and New York bargained over a number of shots, whether protected or not, the young assets (Obi TobinAnd the Emmanuel Quikli And the Quentin Grimes), and which player(s) payroll will be used to complete the deal.

Despite haggling back and forth, New York remains the default favorite to land Mitchell if Utah eventually trades for him. The Knicks were looking for a star landing in leon rose era, and Mitchell will fill that void as he enters the heyday of his career to fit in well with the current New York core.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook during a game Gary A. Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

As noted in HoopsHype’s latest podcastThe common idea around the league is any three-team trade Russell Westbrook He would need to include the Lakers’ 2027 and 2029 first-round picks with as little protection as possible.

The Lakers held talks about joining the Jazz and Knicks a few weeks ago in a potential three-team business deal, league sources told HoopsHype.

The proposed three-team trade scenario involved Westbrook going to Utah and buying. Utah will send Donovan Mitchell For the Knicks, a mix of players, including Patrick Beverly And the Jordan ClarksonAnd the Bojan Bogdanovic or Owner Beasley to the Lakers, and the Jazz will receive significant compensation in the draft pick from the Knicks and the Lakers. The Knicks also had to give up veteran salary fillers, like Derek rose To help make payroll work.

The Lakers were also interested in trading the Knicks forward Cam Reddish, which can also become part of the trade. Last season, the Lakers almost took over Reddish as part of a blockbuster Three trade teams Conversations between the Lakers, Knicks and Raptors at the time.

Another plot development to watch is whether the Knicks will be interested in acquiring Paisley. Nicks previously expressed an interest in signing with Paisley when he was a restricted free agent and former CEO of Timberwolves. Gerson RosasPaisley, who signed Paisley to a four-year, $60 million deal in Minnesota, now works with the Knicks as a senior basketball consultant.

Miles Turner

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Indiana Pacers Center Miles Turner His name has been heard in more rumors than a high school student in the hallway has heard for the past five seasons. He’s recently opened up about becoming “drugged” in front of the rumblings in an interview with Andscape.

Despite hearing his name in trade rumors, Turner loves Indiana and is excited to play with her Therese Halliburton, who was the first real goalkeeper to play for the Pacers, league sources told HoopsHype. Turner has also remained active in the Indiana community this summer.

If Turner stays with the Pacers, he is expected to have a solid role as a starting center with more offensive opportunities possible now that Dumantas Sabonis He no longer shares him in the front court.

Turner, 26, is young enough to fit the schedule of rebuilding in Indiana. The question, however, is whether the Pacers will be willing to pay more than their current $18 million salary when they become a free agent next summer.

Houston Rockets

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The Houston Rockets’ veteran bodyguard Eric Gordon It caught commercial interest around the draft, there is no compelling need to trade it currently. Houston views Gordon as an asset on the court and a veteran mentor to the youth core. for him $19.5 million The salary can be used as part of a big deal before the deadline, and his assigned skill as a baseman, playmaker and defender remains attractive enough for qualifying teams he is expected to retain in a commercial market for his services.

fellow backcourt . colleague Kevin Porter Jr. It was the subject of discussion recently regarding a possible extension. In any extension scenario for Porter Jr. , likely to be a team friendly deal, league sources told HoopsHype. Houston prioritizes its next summer cover space. Given that the qualifying bid for Porter Jr.’s potential starting criteria would be around $8.5 million, it’s unlikely the Rockets will want to offer much more than that when they can go to free agency tied up with him next summer. It’s also worth noting that the Rockets gave Porter Jr. a second chance after the Cavaliers waived him, and he went unclaimed yet locker room explosion.

Finally, other player teams in the Rockets are keeping an eye on the Trade Market KJ Martinwhich attracted attention after a I mentioned trade order From Houston, according to The Athletic. Considering Houston’s abundance of strikers with rookies Jabbari Smith Jr.And the Tari EasonAnd the Jason Tate Getting a huge salary increase in his new contract, seems to be a bit of playing time for Martin.

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