Kylie Jenner pulled for not wearing gloves or a hairnet in the cosmetics lab

In the lab we create new magic for you guys.

In 2015, Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Cosmetics empire at the age of 18.

She started selling lip kits, and her millions of fans around the world saw her become an instant hit.

As a result, Kylie has since branched out into many other products, including eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and skincare.

And seven years later, Kylie wants to prove that she’s just as engaged in her company as she was when it all started. So she documented her short trip to the Milan factory to give her followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

The billionaire entrepreneur shared a short vlog from the trip on TikTok, where she explained that she had only been in the Italian city for 24 hours.

“To visit all the makeup factories,” she added. “To check out the upcoming new Kylie Cosmetics products that I’m really excited about.”

Once inside the factory, Kylie can be seen wearing her white lab coat as she noticed and worked with some of the ingredients for the products.

Kylie has been photographed mixing what appears to be shimmer and powder, as well as some type of concealer or foundation.

On one occasion, she took a swab of the product out of the container and cut it on her hand to test coverage, and the video ended with her checking out a pressed powder.

She captioned TikTok: “Mastering cosmetics @kyliecos in Italy today ๐Ÿ’•”.

On her Instagram, Kylie subscriber Some photos along with videos from the factory, she writes: “In the lab she creates new magic for you guys that’s better than ever. @kyliecosmetics.”

But her followers weren’t impressed with the video, with many noting that she was mixing and handling products while ignoring basic health and safety measures.

In fact, they noted that aside from a lab coat, Kylie wasn’t wearing any personal protective equipment โ€” including a hairnet and gloves.

Instead, her long dark hair was loose and hung over her shoulders in many shots, Kylie’s long, bejeweled nails were revealed on her fingers.

Her Instagram post was quickly flooded with comments from followers pointing out, some asking if they should expect Kylie’s hair in the new products.

“I just see a lot of lab rules not being followed,” said one fan.

She was even called out by the Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennettwho commented, “Working with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) is part of my job. I have very short hair, and I’ve never been allowed into the lab without a hair net…and gloves.”

“Why are you highlighting your followers?” Asked. โ€œAnd what ignorant lab lets you touch things without following proper sanitation protocols?โ€

It wasn’t long before the letter reached redditKylie was criticized by many for not practicing proper sanitation protocols while in the factory.

One wrote, “I love the smell of pollution in the morning.” Another added: “My first thoughts and feelings too. Hair, eyes, clothes. They are dangerous.”

Another commented, “Put your gloves on! We don’t know what’s under those fake nails?!” Meanwhile, another person addressed the hair, writing, “That hair rolls over everything ๐Ÿ’€”

Some have pointed out that other influencers with makeup lines also went to their factories but were able to follow proper protocol, unlike Kylie.

Twitter: @jefffreestar

โ€œSisterโ€™s hair everywhere?!โ€ One user wrote. “I brought Jeffree Star BC from the whole series with Shane Dawson to craft their color palette, and they both wore hair nets and protective gear when in the lab and on the production lines..”

Someone replied: Girl, I thought the same!! Jeffrey even had to pull off his long nails before he went to the lab! “

Finally… in just 2 weeks it’s time to restock the iconic #FuckProof mascara!! โค๏ธ I was just in the lab making sure all is well with the amazing chemists and my operational team ๐Ÿ’ฏ #CEO #JSC

Twitter: @jefffreestar

As a result, it didn’t take long for people to claim that the trip was nothing more than a phased picture. One social media user commented, “She could really make it more believable if she at least tied her hair up or something, it’s just so comical.”

Another person continued, “I feel like this is how you know this is being phased in.” “There’s no way it would have been allowed to roam in this way if these were in fact products to be sold.”

and look at last check Confronted by Kylie over her use of her private jet, some are surprised that she posted candidly about making the 13-hour flight for only 24 hours.

“Lmao I’ve been feeling a lot of bullshit about flying for bullshit reasons and she’s doing it all over again. I bet she was there for 5 minutes and no more,” one said.

Another popular comment read: “She flew all the way to Milan only to pretend she was in the lab making new products that would end up repeating the colors of the previously released products.”

Kylie sparked a backlash last month when she was called up for regular trips of less than 15 minutes. She ended up describing it as “Full time climate criminal. “

However, it was later revealed that in the list of celebrities who emit the most carbon dioxide through their use of private jets, Kylie wasn’t even among the top ten.

Meanwhile, a report allegedly pointed out Taylor Swift As the celebrity with the worst CO2 emissions so far this year, which was 1,000 metric tons more than the celebrity who ranked second on the list, Floyd Mayweather.

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