Must-watch NFL rookies in pre-season: 49ers’ Drake Jackson, Steelers’ George Pickens deserve a closer look

The NFL pre-season officially begins Thursday as Las Vegas Raiders And the Jacksonville Jaguars Meet in the Hall of Fame game. The game is a good reason to reflect on the biases of the initial draft and to identify some newbies that I am most pleased to see during pre-season.

The Trojans ranked 25th overall on my personal big plate entering the 2022 NFL Draft. Jackson has all the athleticism that teams look for in an NFL game, but I’d guess he wasn’t used properly in college. It didn’t hurt that he was just 21 weeks old before enlistment night. in Article from The AthleticDefense line coach Chris Kokorick voiced the team’s plan to separate him from the corner rather than bring him down in coverage, which should be music to San Francisco fans’ ears. Reviews were positive for the second-round pick early in camp, via The Athletic:

“It’s the whole package. We did a cross-interview with Drake early in the process. Dude Bindi, he’s got some slips. Change of direction, talent for one-on-one wins in the passing dash. Player has to do it. Ascending.

Jackson couldn’t have landed in a better position. In addition to a wealth of talent along the 49ers’ defensive line, Kocurek uses a wide 9 alignment that allows the novice to use his athletic talents to challenge opposing offensive tackles on the high side of his dash.

Wide receiver Danny Gray is another interesting beginner. The offense’s tendency to defy defenses coordinates well with Gray’s ability to move yards after the hunt.

Athletic, but raw is the short and sweet version of Scout’s previous report for the tight end. Jurgens plays the game with a middle streak and now has a chance to learn from one of Jason Kelce’s best games. Changes made to Philadelphia’s offensive during the second half of the 2021 regular season fit Jurgens’ skills well. Kelsey is unlikely to get so many reps during pre-season that he would open the door for the Nebraska novice.

“Obviously a big part of my job or a big part of what I want to do is help these guys. And Cam being in the middle, a guy I see a lot of similarities in my game with, trying to help him in any way I can to give him some tricks of the trade, or things I’ve learned Or anything else. I think we’ll keep improving each other during camp. We’ll keep working, compete and try to improve as much as we can,” Kelsey said, Via NBC Sports.

It will be difficult to replace 111 receptions for 1,239 yards and nine touchdowns in 2021 due to the departure of Terek Hill. It’s unrealistic to expect Moore to match these numbers, but he can eat a lot of them. Speed ​​and road ability are the traits that stand out when discussing the central Michigan wide receiver. Being in the right place at the right time should be endearing to novice to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. With so many new faces in the reception room in Kansas City, Moore can separate himself during boot camp.

The hall has a unique frame that will allow it to be used inside and out depending on the situation. Tampa Bay is loaded in the front seven so there will be no pressure on the Novice to contribute early. At the same time, it’s easy to imagine Vita Vea eating blockers down the line and letting Hall get around him and create pressure. Center Ryan Jensen went on to say that Hall is the “real deal.”

Tampa Bay is well-equipped to deal with Rob Gronkowski’s decision to retire. Cameron Pratt returned and signed Kyle Rudolph but former Cady Otton was cleared for Washington to participate in his first training camp. His perfect skill set could allow him to see the field quickly.

The phrase “limited sports” did not appear on the pages of the Pickens Exploratory Report. The National Champion has a high ceiling and was flashing this potential early in the training camp. Will he be able to achieve the necessary consistency of field vision? DK Metcalf is the perfect example for teams that think about talent and feel as though Pickens might soon align with this narrative. Few teams have thrived on picking receivers as broad as the AFC North franchise.

Deont Johnson, Chase Claypool and Pickens bestowed Pittsburgh’s talented trio at a wide receiver. Wide receivers can only do so much, however, a lot of pressure is placed on quarterbacks to get the ball.

Defensive lineman DeMarvin Leal is the last to land in a good place. Leal is of sorts that can play on the edge or slide inward depending on the situation. Fortunately, the Steelers are a team that has shown a keen awareness of using defensive line guys in a way that maximizes their potential.

Houston added a few talented defenses in Derek Stingley, Jr. and Peter. Peter flies around the football field and plays plays. The Baylor product is ranked #23 overall on my Big Personal palette, so there’s faith in its capabilities. The only concern is whether the Texas front seven will be able to create enough pressure for the back end to take advantage of the ball in the air. His flexibility should allow him to play close to the line of scrimmage more often.

The entire draft class is expected to be in New York. The narrow end chamber, specifically, is brand new with CJ Uzomah, Tyler Conklin and Ruckert. The rookie from Ohio was primarily used as a hoarder in college due to the team’s ability in the gaming industry to have a wide receiver. He had a job to do in order for Chris Olaf, Garrett Wilson, and others to thrive. A lifelong Jets fan should have more chance to show what he can do in a scrolling game. Ruckert was dealing with a foot injury that put him on the list of non-football related injuries, but was acquitted Wednesday. Pre-season is just as timely as any time to start piling up positive days.

Similar to Pittsburgh’s wide receivers, Green Bay has always been good at securing offensive line contributors on Day 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft. They had two strong candidates this year with UCLA’s Sean Ryan and Wake Forest’s Zach Tom, who was 79th overall on my last big board. Early in camp, the latter was frequent in the correct handling of the first team. It could be a byproduct of Elgton Jenkins’ exit, but he’s nonetheless a feather in the rookie hat. He has the flexibility to play multiple positions and now has a platform to show that he deserves a place in the starting lineup.

Cleveland didn’t have a pick from the first or second round, so it’s imperative that he find value from the second and third day’s picks. Wright was measured at 6 feet 5 and 271 pounds in the NFL. Defense line coach Chris Kevin – Lynn’s brother – comes from San Francisco, who has a recent history when it comes to developing defensive talent. Wright benefits from learning from previous Public Choices #1 Miles Garrett and Jadivion Clooney. Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Perry said the following after drafting Wright in the third round:

“With Alex, he’s really been a favorite across the organization – scouts, coaches, our quest and strategy group. We love him because he’s a player who is what we call a big end or a strong end, but with Alex, he really has the versatility to rush in and out. We love his structure. We love his ability On rushing through. This is the guy who when we brought him in on 30 visits, everyone spoke with glow. He is a very smart and a very humble individual and we believe he is a player who can really grow to the perfect perfect finish for us and rush in and out. We are excited to have him. He is a perfect scheme We have a good defense.”

Defensive Intervention Perion Winfrey also faces an opportunity to play early in Northeast Ohio. His energy was contagious but the team is eager to see if Reese’s Senior Bowl performance somehow flashed in the pan. Cleveland should repeat spoon-feeding of two young defensive linemen through training camp.

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