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When your team faces a situation necessary to win and the manager hands you the ball, two things usually happen.

It shows that the team has a lot of confidence in you and suddenly a lot of butterflies appear.

When all-star Hamilton/Northern Burlington 15-year-old Babe Ruth was in that position, manager TJ Bayliss gave the ball to Ryan Anderson.

“It meant a lot and showed me that my coaches trusted me to go out there and put in a good game,” Anderson said.

Anderson did not disappoint.

HNB was facing Mifflin County in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Final with his World Championship place on the line and Anderson was brilliant and AJ Maddalena came to the rescue in a 2-1 win.

The Allentown sophomore has been a perfect 3-0 on the hill for the Switlik Park Crew in this post-season coming August 13th and they’ll be looking for more.

HNB will soon be traveling to Stafford, Virginia to participate in the 13-15 BRL World Championships and play pool Open on Day 13 against Team Torrance, California.

“It’s exciting and great to be on the bigger stage,” Anderson said of heading into the series. “The goal is always to keep getting to another level. This will be a huge challenge because we will see the best of the whole country.”

Thanks to Anderson and his buddies, the Hamilton/Northern Burlington kids have proven to be one of the best kids in the country and deserve to be in Virginia.

They are 9-1 this postseason after losing only to Hopewell Valley/Ewing in the state championship. They returned in the if game and captured the Southern New Jersey Championships by defeating HV/E.

During this highly productive summer, Anderson, who played for the new Redbirds last spring, has grown both as a player and as a youngster.

“I have more confidence in my game and I’ve gotten really better in every aspect,” Anderson said. “I have a lot of respect for the game because we play a better competition. My philosophy was to throw punches and trust my defence.”

Anderson is not an overly emotional player who takes a very practical approach to the pile.

“I try to stay calm and just focus on the match and that keeps me on the right track,” Anderson declared. “This summer, I wanted to work on my speed and focus on taking more shots and becoming a better marksman.”

Heading into the World Championships, young Anderson appears to have succeeded.

HNB has the style of shooting, hitting at the right time and defending, but perhaps the most important key to his success is the amazing harmony present in the team.

Anderson, Adrian Berra and Jayden Jennings have been playing together since they were six starting in the Sunnybrae Leagues.

Since those early days others have joined and formed into a very special group.

“A lot of us have known each other for a long time and developed trust in each other,” Anderson said. “We believe in each other’s ability. It helps that we are all good friends.”

Now, there is one more hitch and every day in training there is no doubt that the anticipation is growing.

“It was very exciting to win the regional team and to be able to take part in the World Championship,” Anderson stated. “It was an honor to win the regional championships and it is such an honor to go to Virginia and play in the series.”

It was an honor for Anderson to get the ball when the game was on the line as well.

Funding required

Often times, the expenses for a World Championship trip can be quite high, so the Hamilton League/Northern Burlington Babe Ruth would be very grateful for any donations.

Donations can be made by mail to HNB Babe Ruth, PO Box 8816, Trenton, NJ 08650.

It can be made on the site.


Or they created a GoFundMe page


“We appreciate the support,” said HNB President Jan Anderson. “Players, families, coaches and the league thank you for your support.”

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